Sunday, July 15, 2012


i'm crazy in love with her<3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Random photos

I was playing with my camera and ended up trying light painting. I guess I should do it with many people next time so that we can draw something with the light. It should be fun aye.

Sheep? Lord of the Rings? Countryside?

It's been 2 years since I came to New Zealand. Before coming here, I had no idea what New Zealand was like because I couldn't picture anything. But now I get used to living here and I feel like New Zealand is a bit too small. Of course I like this country since it's quite and peaceful unlike the busiest country, Japan. :P But if I had to live here for the rest of my life, I would definitely choose another country.....I mean I prefer bigger countries(Dear kiwi friends, I'm sorry but that's my honest opinion). BUT I like traveling around New Zealand. The scenery is just so beautiful and it's quite safe here so it's a perfect place to travel alone especially for girls like me. :D I'll leave here in 2 years so cannot wait to travel more cities. But first, have to improve my English skill more....Well I feel like my speaking skill hasn't gotten better at all so have to do something about it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little dreams

Since I went to Vietnam last year, I've been thinking about traveling somewhere else. Seriously, I'd love to go traveling around the world because it is so exciting to go somewhere I'm not familiar with. But to do that, I need a lot of money so I really should find a part-time job. Oh well....I always dream about something but then I usually end up without doing anything but dreaming all day. So this time I need to take action :P Typical me.
Okay, I just decided that I'm going to give my CV to some cafes next week. Nothing will happen if I continue to wait, right?

Saturday, July 7, 2012


1. Heavenly creatures 2. Mary&Max 3. The Breakfast Club 4. Sisterhood of the traveling pants 5. Tanner Hall 

Sometimes friends can be mean and annoying but also they can be wonderful and supportive. They may hurt us, betray us, lie to us straight to our faces but without them life could be pretty boring. Haha why am I writing about this anyway? Well it's because my friend asked me during the lunch time "what are friends for?" but I couldn't answer anything then because nothing came up to my mind, really. So I've been thinking about it and now I think friends are who grow up together and can learn something new through each other. 
I'm already a university student and thought life could be different from high school because I was expecting to meet more "interesting" people. But in reality, in my university there are some people who are selfish and some people are the one I find it hard to talk to because they just like taking about gossiping and stupid stuff like "she is such a b*tch or blah blah blah". It seems like all they talk about is bad things. :( But still I found some good friends and I often learn something from them so I guess I'm growing up little by little. Friendship can be tough sometimes but it's worth trying to get to know new friends aye. 

って突然自分何書いてるんだろうw 文法もちょっとおかしいとこあるけど、まぁ意味が伝わればいっか。最近映画ばっかり見てるからなんかフレンドシップのことについて考えてたというね。ついこの間Mary and Max見たからこの影響かしら。色んな意味で衝撃的な映画だったけど、すごい内容が美しかった。映像もそうだったけど、こういうアニメってやっぱり良いなって思う。