Friday, April 27, 2012


Went to town by myself and I got another pierced! Yay. Somehow it didn't hurt as much as it did last time so it was good. Now I've got 3 holes in my ears(two on left, one on right). :D

Btw my cousin got kicked out in sentou(public bath) when she was taking shower just because she had a tattoo. The worse thing is that the staff treated her as if she was criminal or something. It's so ridiculous, isn't it? I know we can't go to the public bath if we had tattoos in Japan but I couldn't believe they treated her like that. I mean it's just A TATTOO! Well I understand it might disturb some people if there are many people who has tattoos in public bath but still...Japanese people can be narrow minded sometimes.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Before 20

Here's the things I wanna do before I become 20. Yup, I'll get older in a month and I wanted to make to-do-list for that.

1. getting a second hole in my ear
I just got pierced for the first time last week and I'm dying to get another one. It's not like I became this "punk rock" chick but it'll be amazing if I could wear different types of piercing for fun :) So exciting right?

2. being able to make up nicely
Haha it sounds silly but I suck at doing make up since I haven't done it that much in my life. So I definitely should get make-up skills before I turn into 20.

3. losing my virginity. well, just kidding! :P Learning how to wear Yukata.
Sorry about my dirty jokes. lol Anyways, since I'm in tea ceremony club I have to remember how to wear it.

It's so weird I won't be a teenager anymore...I don't know why but I always loved the word "teenager" because it sounded so special and young. It's not like I don't wanna get older but it's been so great for me as being a teenager.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Liu Wen



Finally I got pierced today. I've always wanted to get one but I was so scared to do it. Fortunately it didn't hurt that much...thank gosh!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tanner Hall

I loved the movie "Tanner Hall". Every scene looked so special.


Came back from Australia. I had such a lovely time with my sis! It was only for a week but I did everything I wanted to do over there. Seriously it's so good to have a sis like her because she's the closest person in the whole world:) Well I wonder where the next trip will be...hmm exciting!