Thursday, December 19, 2013


I remember listening to "Private Eyes" sang by Hall and Oates in my mum's car when I was little. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of my childhood.

I remember the smell of tea at the tea shop my mum used to go with my sister and me near my house. The tea smelled like masala tea and now it's my favorite.

I remember the smell of gasoline at petrol stations. My mum and sister used to tell me that they hated that smell but actually I loved it and I still do.

ふとしたきっかけで、昔の事を思い出す瞬間が好き。今日masala tea作ってる時に、あの独特な紅茶の匂いを嗅いでたら小さい頃よく行ってた紅茶屋さんのことを思い出して。NZでホームステイしてた時にファミリーが作ってくれたmasala teaを飲んで以来、ずーっと「masala tea飲むと懐かしい味するんだけど、なんで?」って思ってたからすごいスッキリ。毎日普通に生きてるけど、そのふとした瞬間を何年後かに何かのきっかけで思い出せたらいいな。うん、今日みたいに。

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