Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tmr is another day

I've been thinking a lot lately. Sometimes I feel so lonely because I don't have any friends that I can call "best friends" in NZ and it makes me miss my friends back in Japan. But it doesn't mean I have no friends. Actually I've met a lot of great ppl since I came here. They are all from different countries and every time I talk to them, I feel happy because they have great personalities and they make me feel happy. But when I talk to Japanese friends, I feel uncomfortable because to be honest I don't know what to talk with them. All they talk about is gossiping or talking bad behind ppl's back and I HATE it. Of course we do talk about other ppl and sometimes we complain about them but not all the time. I know it's because my college is kinda small and everyone knows too much about others so it can't be helped but I try not to get involved with Japanese society cos it's too annoying for me! If I have some time to talk about someone, I'd rather watch movies or read books in my room. But seems like I have to get used to this sh*t. :P lol

ウェリントンで買ったRob Ryanの本に最近いろいろ素敵な言葉書くのにハマってます。Frankie magazineの写真とかを切り取って貼ったりするのもすごい楽しいんだよね。雑誌って高いけど、内容も面白いのが多いし結構買ってるな〜最近。

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